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Social Innovation Booster is a learning platform for people who aim to make a positive change in their local or global community.


In our Booster Programs, you develop your idea or business with lots of support from experts and peers, and with a clear outcome at the end. Our Booster Programs are delivered by recognized experts in fields such as Service & Business Design, Impact Analysis, Branding, Communication and Impact Investments.

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Our aim is to democratize the type of expertise that usually only is accessible to a few.

Our Booster Programs are100% online and open to anyone. There is no application process and no need to prove anything. This is how we like to keep it. 

In our supportive community, you are welcome at every stage of your development journey!





​Experience the power in sharing and learning from others who are on the same journey as yourself.  


As part of the Social Innovation Booster community, you join an international group of impact-driven individuals. We all share the engagement for creating positive change in society, on a local and global level.

We gather around monthly learning sessions on different topics. These gatherings are moderated discussions where we share and learn from each other. On a weekly basis, you have access to articles, interviews, questions, or challenges related to the monthly topic.  


The community supports the growth of yourself and your idea/service/ business, and you are always welcome to ask questions that you can't just google.  


I got to a point in my career where it was time for me to do something for myself and I knew in what direction I wanted to go but I did not know where to start. I was not sure if the idea made sense, if it would be useful, or if people would like it. I was swamped in uncertainty and low confidence.


By joining the Innovation Booster Program I gained the confidence and the motivation I was lacking to have a fresh and concrete start into my own line of services. With the close coaching of Susanna on a weekly basis supported by new tools and customized to my needs, I was building the structure of my product step by step to bring it to reality. I am also extremely happy and lucky to have been part of a professional and like-minded community there.


I encourage every person having the desire to start their own line of business to enroll in the program, I am confident you will be well taken care of and put on the right track.


Leny Chemali

Susanna delade en teckning med dig 6.png
Susanna delade en teckning med dig 6.png


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