The aim of Social Innovation Booster is to democratize the access to innovation tools for impact driven organizations and individuals.

When developing products and services that face a lot of uncertainty, it is essential to have structured processes that embrace the ambiguous and provide a simple way forward. These processes are what the Social Innovation Booster brings to its members. 


Innovation tools and processes are widely used by the organizations that we refer to as innovative, but are rarely seen in the impact sector. Impact organizations, however, often seek to disrupt a status quo or create new markets, in order to achieve the positive impact they are striving for.

Social Innovation offers Booster Programs that help you design kickass solutions to our world's complex challenges, and ensure you reach the impact you are aiming for.  We are a 100% online learning platform.

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I am a business designer and entrepreneur, passionate about solving our world's complex challenges through sustainable businesses that help our planet heal, improve people's health and make life easier and more joyful. Before founding the Social Innovation Booster, I led and grew two service design startups in Sweden for seven years, mainly working with service & business innovation for the public sector, larger organizations and business incubators. 

Through my work, I realized that service and business design expertise was accessible only to larger organizations who had the means to hire this type of management consultant competence. At the same time, many early stage entrepreneurs are spending too much of their tight resources in developing products and services that don't have a good enough product market fit to create the impact that they are aiming for.

I founded Social Innovation Booster to democratize the access to innovation tools for impact driven organizations and individuals. My goal is to ensure that our members have all the necessary tools for designing kickass innovations and reach the impact they are aiming for. 

There is no such thing as impact without innovation, and innovation is not simply to make new, improved products and services; it is to make things that are meaningful to the people who use them.



Service Design for Impact

 Learn how to design a kickass service that ensures you reach the impact you are aiming for.

8 weeks of creativity and learning, with hands-on exercises, downloadable templates, group learning sessions and guidance and support from experts and peers. 

Next cohort starts

September 22, 2020

Prototyping your Service 

Learn how to get your service ready to meet the world by prototyping and co-creating your idea, product or service together with your users.

6 weeks of individual support in implementing a prototype of your service concept. 


We are looking for BETA testers! Starting in August, 2020

Designing a Customer Journey

A customer journey map, based on real user insights, is the tool you need for improving your marketing efforts, customer experience and product development.

6 weeks of individual learning on how to design your customer journey.  


We are looking for BETA testers! Starting in October, 2020

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​Experience the power in sharing and learning from others who are on the same journey as yourself.  


As part of the Social Innovation Booster Community you join an international group of entrepreneurs, and are invited to gather around a monthly topic that supports the growth of your idea, business and yourself.


The monthly learning sessions are interactive masterclasses where you share your experiences as well as learn from others. On a weekly basis, you have access to articles, interviews, questions or challenges related to the monthly topic. You are always welcome to share your experience and ask questions that you can't just google. 



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