Susanna Nissar,  Founder, Service & Business design coach


"We would have more innovative solutions to our local and global challenges if more people got the confidence and the skills to design them"

After working many years with service and business design, I realized that these skills are very relevant for social entrepreneurs and changemakers but rarely accessible for them. Many early stage entrepreneurs spend too much time on developing products and services that don't have a good enough product market fit to create the impact that they are aiming for, or they have a potentially impactful idea but don't know where to start. I wanted to democratize the access to these human-centered innovation tools. I created a digital platform and "Booster Programs", individual coaching programs where we work hands-on with designing service concepts, designing the business model, and create a strong brand.

Previous to founding Social Innovation Booster, I founded a service design agency in Sweden and worked as a service and business design consultant for many years with a focus on the public sector in Sweden. Today I live in the San Fransisco Bay area. When I don't work, I love to spend time outdoors with my family and my dog. I used to run a blog about how to create compact edible gardens, and it still makes me happy to grow my own herbs and vegetables. I also love to support other entrepreneurs. I serve on advisory boards and I volonteer as a mentor in accelerator programs.

I look forward to working with you in the Booster Programs Service Design for Impact, Prototyping and Designing the Customer Journey. Welcome to the community and I'll see you there!  


Julia Zajac, Service designer, Design researcher & Strategist


"I'm dedicated to the success of our community members and I love to see our Booster participants and impact entrepreneurs thrive" 


I am passionate about sustainability and developing services & businesses for the circular economy, and for positive social and environmental impact. That drove me to join the Social Innovation Booster team! 


I am a trained multi-disciplinary designer with a degree from the Royal Danish Academy for Design in Copenhagen, Denmark. My curiosity and love for learning, and my interest in people, society, and sustainability guide me in my work. This has given me the opportunity to work in many different sectors and industries. Before joining Social Innovation Booster, I founded and ran an award-winning circular fashion brand in Sweden. I have also worked with diversity and inclusion, and for improving artists' working conditions, in arts and culture. I have developed human-centered design research tools and designed for the public sector in Sweden and Denmark, and I have trained and mentored design students.


When I don't work with Social Innovation Booster, I’m a social entrepreneur, a biking gardener, and an artist. 


Patricia Alvarado, Impact Branding coach


"Your service can't be everything to everyone. The Brand Thinking Canvas will help you navigate what to put in the spotlight!" 


I am a certified trainer in the Brand the Change methodology. I am a marketing & branding professional who have worked with changemakers, startups, SMEs, and nonprofits organizations in Venezuela, Mexico, and Sweden.


I know how hard it is to find your place when you move to a new country. I have done it twice, once from Venezuela to Mexico and a second time to Sweden. I started my business Powered by Women to support foreign-born entrepreneurs, especially women, to succeed in Sweden. The purpose is to eradicate poverty among international talent and actively promote equality where we define our own terms and make progress both personally, professionally, and economically. When I don’t work with coaching and Powered by Women, I love to spend time with my beloved family and girlfriends, run my Zumba Classes all over Stockholm and work with my social enterprises.


I am looking forward to guiding you in the Branding for Impact Booster Program; through hands-on coaching sessions, workbook exercises, and peer support!

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