Are you a solo-entrepreneur or are running a startup, social initiative, or movement? Do you need a structure for working actively and intentionally with growing your brand? Then this Booster program is for you. 

In this Booster Program, we are working with the strategic aspects of branding; from sensing to building your brand in different stages.


You will gather information, insights, and inspiration on how to develop your brand and visualize it in your Brand Thinking Canvas. 100% online with group sessions on Google meet, hands-on coaching, workbook exercises, and peer support. 


The method we are using is Brand the Change, a method developed by Anne Miltenburg. This method helps social innovators to intentionally and actively work with their brand; building trust among their audiences and ultimately increase their impact. 


Your coach Patricia Alvarado,  is a certified trainer in the methodology. She is a marketing & branding professional who has worked with changemakers, startups, SMEs, and nonprofits organizations in Venezuela, Mexico, and Sweden.

Branding for Impact 1 brochure (PDF)


  • are a solo-entrepreneur, running a startup,  social initiative, community or movement.

  • have been working with your endeavor for more than one year

  • want your business to grow, and are feeling a bit stuck in how to do it


7 weeks


40 USD


Theory (10 min)  - recorded videos uploaded on the platform

Weekly sessions (2 h) - live on Google meet

Workbook exercises (2 h) - downloadable pdf with instructions and hands-on exercises


In this first phase with our support, canvases, and tools, you will: Define your brand proposition. Dive into the world of your audiences. Map out your market. Analyze your competition. Create your first blueprint for your brand using the Brand Thinking Canvas.


English version: Group sessions on Tuesdays at 11-12 CET March 16th - Apr 27th

Spanish version: Group sessions on Thursdays at 11-12 CET March 18th - May 6th

This is the third cohort and the "Beta" price is:

 40 USD + VAT


By registering to this Booster Program, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and to our Privacy Policy.  


"The brand I wanted to create was all in my head, and I needed a place to gather all the insights and inspiration I get along the way.


Now I have the canvas on the wall behind my desk. It is my daily reminder of the purpose behind my business"

Susanna Nissar

Social Innovation Booster




How much time is required?
Approx 4-5 hours per week. Two hours for the group sessions + time to watch videos and dig into the workbook, and to give feedback to your peers. Beyond that, it is up to you and how much time you are willing to put into creating your brand. 


Are there any technical requirements?
You’ll need to have access to a good internet connection, and a quiet space for the group sessions. 

Do you offer any discounts or flexible pricing?
We are committed to make the Booster Program available to those who do not have the means to pay the full price. If you are a student, unemployed, or a minimum wage worker - please contact us and describe your situation.


Is the Booster Program material available after the Booster Program has ended?

The material is available for 2 months after the program has ended. After that, you still have free access to the online community for support and continued learning.

Are the group sessions recorded, in case I cannot join?

Yes, they are recorded upon request. However, watching a recording will not fully replace the experience of participating.

Do I get a certificate upon completion?
Yes, if you complete all parts of the Booster Program you will receive a certificate.

What are your Terms of service?

You'll find them here.

I just want to ask my questions to a real person..

Of course, we get that! Reach out to Patricia via email and we'll set up a time to talk in person. 

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