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Meet our member: Leny Chemali – helping teams enhance efficiency and well-being

This month we’re introducing Leny Chemali! Leny is currently developing an idea that will help startups and small companies enhance the efficiency of their teams, and their teams’ well-being, by offering coaching through an agile mindset and new ways of working.

Hi Leny! What is your background and what led you to where you are today?

I tried so many things before getting to where I am today; I started my professional career as a landscape designer. It didn't take me long to realize that in Lebanon (where I lived and studied) Landscape design was reserved for the wealthy people rather than for the development of public and social spaces - which was my main interest.

For that reason, I decided to go into something more meaningful for me and I sneaked myself into the humanitarian field where I worked for almost 10 years climbing the ladder from social worker to project manager and coordinator.

After all these years, I again needed a change and I plunged into the tech field where I actually work as a Scrum Master in a tech startup I founded with my brother and where I lead the people level of the business.

Tell us about the idea that you developed in the Service Design for Impact Booster Program

My passion is working with teams, I like bringing people and ideas forward so my aim was to develop some type of services to help teams be more agile and thus more efficient. This would be beneficial for the team and for the company.

With the amazing guidance and support from Susanna, I developed my the idea of working with startups and small companies to help them enhance the efficiency of their teams – especially now in the remote world – by providing coaching through a new agile mindset and way of doing.

How did you come up with the idea?

All along my career, I led and managed different teams and the part of my job I enjoyed the most was helping my teams explore the best they have and reach their goals. I got to a point where I thought if I can do that with my team why don’t I help other teams in need to be more efficient, confident and reach what they want to. I was not sure how to get started and this is where I reached out to Susanna and we worked things out together.

What is your personal purpose?

To be happy. I know I reach that stage by fulfilling my satisfaction in successfully making the difference I aspire to.

Where in your entrepreneurial journey are you right now?

I am currently setting up the company in Berlin (we already have a company registered in New York and in Lebanon). It is a bureaucratic nightmare, an experience I think other founders can relate to.

For the company in Berlin, I want to give more emphasis on people services in addition to our main tech services. I am starting to develop the people/culture side of the business and will help teams and companies better reach their targets.

I have my service idea clear. My next step is to prototype it and find my first client.

Thank you Leny! 🌟

Learn more about the company Leny is working for.

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