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8 weeks of creativity and learning, with guidance and support from experts and peers.

  • Learn how to design an impactful service that aligns with your purpose as well as with your users' needs

  • Accelerate your innovation capacity with a user centered innovation framework that will serve you during your entire business journey

  • Work on your service concept through hands-on exercises, group sessions, tools and templates

  • Get individual coaching from service design experts and grow with ideas and feedback from your peers

  • After the program, you will have a service concept ready for prototyping, and useful insights on your value proposition


  • are nurturing a potentially great idea and need some structure in exploring it

  • are at an early stage of your entrepreneurship and want to make sure you develop a product or service that meets a real market need

  • are considering to develop a new area of your growing business

  • want to learn a service design framework, based on design thinking

  • like the idea of getting to know a small group of likeminded founders and share ideas, challenges, insights with them.

  • are ready to commit to 2-3h/week for 8 weeks



During 8 weeks, you will learn how to design a service  that aligns with your purpose as well as with your users’ needs. Each participant is working on their own service concept.


The program is 100% online with bi-weekly group sessions on Zoom. You have access to hands-on exercises, tools and templates through an online learning platform where you post your assignments, chat with your peers and get feedback from your teachers.


The course material includes real-life examples and expertise, downloadable templates and a workbook specifically designed for the Booster Program.


After the program, you will have a service concept ready for prototyping, that aligns with your purpose as well as with your users’ needs. You will also have access to a user centered innovation framework, based on design thinking, which will be  useful during your entire business journey. You can choose to stay in the community for continued learning and support along the way.



SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 

Bi-weekly group sessions on Wednesdays at 18-19 CET (9-10 PT)

on Sep 23th, Oct 7th, Oct 21th, Nov 4th, Nov 18t

 30% Early bird discount until September 1st, 2020

349 USD + VAT

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"Participating in the Booster Program made us re-think our original idea to better meet a market need.


During the two months duration of the program, we took our idea off the ground and shaped and visualized it. As a result, we got a service concept that we will prototype and a roadmap for our way forward"

Patricia & Valeria

Powered by Women




How much time is required?
2-3 hours per week. Around 60 mins for the bi-weekly group sessions + time to watch videos and dig into the workbook, and support your peers. Beyond that, how much time you put in is up to you and how much time you are willing to put into designing your service concept. 


Are there any technical requirements?
You’ll need to have access to a good internet connection, and a quiet space for the group sessions. 

Do you offer any discounts or flexible pricing?
We are offering early bird discounts and referral discounts (referral from a previous Booster Program participant). We are offering group discounts for teams from the same organization.  We are committed to make the Booster Program available to those who do not have the means to pay the full price. If you are a student, unemployed, or a minimum wage worker - please contact us and describe your situation.


Is the course material available after the Booster Program has ended?
The course material is available for 2 months after the program has ended. You will have free access to the online community for support and continued learning during that time. 

Are the group sessions recorded, in case I cannot join?
Yes, they are recorded and available. However, these sessions will be highly interactive and watching a recording will not fully replace the experience of participating.


Can I attend the Booster Program even if I can’t make it to the bi-weekly group sessions? 
Yes, but see above. 

Can I participate even though I just have a vague idea?

Yes, you can. We have participants in all stages of their business journeys. If you are starting with a very vague idea, you will probably not end up with a full service concept ready for prototyping, but you will have a clear picture of how to move forward with it.

Do I get a certificate upon completion?
Yes, if you complete all five parts of the Booster Program you will receive a certificate.

What are your Terms of service?

Thank you for asking. You'll find them here.

I just want to ask my questions to a real person..

Of course, we get that! Reach out to us via email or messenger and we'll set up a time to talk in person. 

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