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Track and communicate your impact

Learn how to build a robust Theory of Change to track and communicate the impact you are creating through your organization.  

This Booster Program helps you build a robust, science-based theory for the change and transformation that you wish to deliver through your organization.


It suits organizations of any kind (profit or non-profit) that wish to understand the method for building a theory that you can use internally and also externally to funders and stakeholders. This course is a good preparation for the Investment Readiness Course (that you can also sign up for here or get both courses at a discounted package price here) since an important element of Investment Readiness is the ability to prove your impact model.

This course is delivered online with recorded video sessions and online, live workshops. It utilizes simple methods and tools for you to get started, or to improve, your impact model. You will be able to share your model with other participants and get valuable feedback. The course is 20% theory and 80% practice.


Your instructor is Ruth Brännvall, founding partner of Impact Invest. Ruth is the author of the book Capital with Purpose and has extensive experience as an investor and researcher in the field of social innovation and scaling of social ventures. She holds a PhD in Economics and Management from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). 


  • Wish to learn a method for communicating and tracking the impact you are creating through your organization

  • Wish to learn how funders and investors typically evaluate different types of impact processes


3 weeks +  a follow-up session


  • Theory (10 min) - recorded videos

  • Live group sessions (1,5 h) - live on Zoom

  • Workbook exercises (1 h) - downloadable pdf with instructions, templates and hands-on exercises


A Theory of Change, a useful tool in your dialogue with investors, partners, and team to communicate the impact you are creating through your work. 


99 USD + VAT

Register for Theory of Change + Investment Readiness at the same time to get a $25 off on each course. 


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Live group sessions on June 2, June 9 and June 16th 17-18.30 CET

If these dates and times don't fit into your schedule, please reach out and request a new date.

99 USD + VAT


By signing up, you agree to Social Innovation Booster's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.



How much time is required?
2-3 hours per week. Around 60 mins for the live sessions + time to watch videos and dig into the workbook, and to support your peers. Beyond that, it is up to you.


Are there any technical requirements?
You’ll need to have access to a good internet connection, and a quiet space for the live sessions.


Is the course material available after the Booster Program has ended?

The course material is available for 2 months after the program has ended. After that, you still have free access to the online community for support and continued learning.

Are the group sessions recorded, in case I cannot join?
Yes, they are recorded and available. However, watching a recording will not fully replace the experience of participating.

Can I attend the Booster Program even if I can’t make it to the weekly sessions? 
We don't recommend participating in the course if you can't make it to the sessions. Making time and space during these weeks will help you to get the most out of the program.

Can I participate even though I don't yet have any investors or funders?

Of course! We have participants in all stages of their business journeys. If you are participating with a vague idea, you will not end up with a complete Theory of Change, but you will have a clear picture of how to move forward with it.

Do I get a certificate upon completion?
Yes, if you complete all parts of the course, you will receive a certificate.

What are your Terms of service?

You'll find them here.

I just want to ask my questions to a real person..

Of course, we get that! Reach out to us and we'll set up a time to talk in person. 

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